Help us end wildlife cybercrime by pledging to be an informed consumer

Elephant - 10 year ban on ivory being sold on eBay

The internet is the world’s biggest marketplace for illegal wildlife trade.

Open 24/7, it offers vast opportunities for poachers to hide behind masked identities and sell endangered species and illegal animal products. Exotic pets offered for sale online could have been trafficked and are sometimes sent in the mail to consumers.

To defeat wildlife cybercrime, we’ve built a coalition of online technology, e-commerce, and social media companies together with WWF and TRAFFIC called the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online. Over 20 of the world’s biggest tech giants have signed on to fight online wildlife trafficking. But we need your help.

Join us in making the internet a no-go zone for wildlife trafficking by becoming an informed consumer. Say no to illegal wildlife products and pledge to report all suspicious advertisements and activity that you see online. ?By being our eyes and ears, you can help us shut down wildlife cybercrime and protect endangered and threatened animals all around the world.