Thriving Together: Achieving the SDGs and Improving Well-being for Animals and People

Thriving Together: Achieving the SDGs & Improving Wellbeing for Animals & People

Thriving Together: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Increasing Well-Being for Animals and People, demonstrates how animal welfare and conservation can contribute significantly to the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Caring for animals and conserving wildlife are critically important avenues through which to improve both human and animal well-being.  As an organization, IFAW seeks to enhance awareness of the connections between animal welfare, conservation, and human development to inspire greater collaboration and better results, ensuring animals and people thrive together in a spirit of peaceful coexistence.


Azzedine Downes,IFAW President and CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Allgood, Country Director, United States
Country Director, United States
Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Faye Cuevas, Esq.
Senior Vice President
Grace Ge Gabriel, Regional Director, Asia
Regional Director, Asia
Jason Bell, Vice President for Conservation and Animal Welfare
Vice President for Conservation and Animal Welfare
Jimmiel Mandima at IFAW
Deputy Vice President of Conservation
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
Matt Collis, Director, International Policy
Director, International Policy
Patrick Ramage, Program Director, Whales
Program Director, Marine Conservation
Rikkert Reijnen, Program Director, Wildlife Crime
Program Director, Wildlife Crime