Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, Director, France and Francophone Africa

Céline Sissler-Bienvenu

Director, France and Francophone Africa


France’s Director, Celine has been involved in the Elephant and Wildlife Trade Programmes, particularly in francophone Africa where she was instrumental in developing education programs to reduce human–animal conflict and encourage peaceful co-existence between elephants and humans.

Celine has used her training as the first European to graduate from the Garoua’s Paramilitary School for Wildlife Specialists to inform the development of support programs for rangers working in protected areas of Central Africa where poaching remains a significant problem. She has also used these skills to assist in developing enforcement training to fight the illegal ivory trade in these areas. In France, Celine focuses on ending the internet wildlife trade to reduce the market for ivory.

Celine was an important member of the collaborative effort throughout IFAW’s European offices which resulted in a ban of the import of seal products, a critical step in the fight to end the Canadian seal hunt.

In the international arena, Celine has attended the CITES Conference of the Parties regularly since 2004. Her background working with a variety of wildlife and domestic animals in countries around the world gives Celine important insight as a campaigner for many of those same animals.


  • Campaign Officer, Wildlife Trade/Seals/Elephants, IFAW France
  • International Wildlife Campaigns Officer, Bardot Foundation, France
  • Director, Romanian Office, Bardot Foundation
  • Project Assistant, Migratory Avifauna, Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage/ International Fund for the Conservation of Wildlife


  • Master’s Degree, Natural Sciences, University of Jussieu, Paris - France
  • Wildlife Specialist Diploma, Ecole de Faune de Garoua, Cameroon


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